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Powerful Farming Guide

In this guide you will be ready fast for all the important dungeons Giant's Abyss, Dragon's Lair and Necropolis to farm your first runes! We will give you in-depth runes and stats to build the teams in just couple of days. Furthermore you find tips and tricks for your first run in Trial of Ascension Normal!

Progression Guide

This guide includes advanced information for your next steps: the artifacts dungeons Punisher's Crypt and Steel Fortress as well as the new dungeon Spiritual Realm. Get also ready for Rift Raid and Trial of Ascension Hard! We provide you the best teams with runes and stats so you don't miss time and you can start right away!

Dimension Hole Guide

The Dimension Hole guide provides you all teams for every 2A and ancient runes dungeon. You can improve your teams and gameplay immediately with strong second awakening monsters or you can farm powerful ancient runes! You will get this guide for free if you buy the 2 guides bundle!

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